Financing your Work Truck or Van with Stingray Chevrolet

Our experienced team understands the sophisticated demands and complex financing requirements of today's commercial borrower. Whether you're looking for a couple units for a small business or a fleet for your growing operation, Stingray Chevrolet offers several options to help you achieve the financing you need.

Our Simple Credit Application / Pre- Approval Process

For Commercial Financing we have (2) main sources that finance in a business name. Ally Commercial and GM Financial. They are able to offer financing in the business name solely (for well established companies with lending history), or 3rd party guaranteed where an officer of the company backs the business (but doesn't show on their personal credit report). These are both a big advantage over financing company vehicles in your personal name.

We also work with these (2) lenders for establishing Business Lines of Credit or Business Leases.

Ally Application

GM Application

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Please email application to Rob at, to David at, or by fax at 813-359-5441. Please note, your signature on the application gives permission to enter your information for credit purposes.